Science Lab

Prativa has set up advanced and highly technological laboratories for practical classes on Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In consideration of the fact that the students actively participate in learning when they understand the relevance of the lesson on regular basis.  In doing so, they get a chance to communicate their thinking that reflects on their experience and apply knowledge and skill to the world around them.


Mathematics and Social Studies Lab

PRATIVA possesses a modern Mathematics and Social Studies Lab with plentiful number of required resources. With the introduction of new curriculum and to address the required practical classes in these subjects the students will have the opportunities to enhance their potentiality with a real learning.

Computer Lab

Computer education has been a prime focus of this era of information and technology. In order to prepare our students for technical competency and future professionalism, the college has set up a well-equipped computer lab with unlimited internet facility. Students are encouraged to use the computer and internet in preparing assignment, doing research work and collecting relevant study materials.


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