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The school aims at conducting youth development programs through various student clubs and societies from time to time to help the students develop their personal characteristics of self-esteem, leadership, confidence, initiative, adaptability, self-reliance, empathy, knowledge, and skills. The college fosters students to appreciate social work, music, literature, language and other creative skills. The clubs and societies are platforms where the students venture to display their hidden talents which act as instrumental to further their exposure in future.

Following is the list of leading benefits achieved by the students after joining club and societies:

    1. Development in inter-personal communication skills and          public speaking
    2. Evolution as a leader
    3. Enhancement in time management
    4. Exposure to teamwork
    5. Networking and Socialization with like-minded friends
    6. Opportunities to give back to the society
    7. Evidences of ECA to strengthen their curriculum vitae
    8. Platforms to explore and showcase their hidden potentials.
    9. Enjoyment and fun apart from studies

Students will have opportunity to have fun apart from their studies.


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