Administrative Department

The administrative department comprises the positions as Directors, Principal, Vice Principals, Coordinators, Level In-charges etc. The management team is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school. Its major responsibility is to implement the policies, procedures, plans and targets set by the Executive Board. There are full time competent and trained professional staff members at the front desk, account section, the examination department, the library, the computer lab, and the science lab for the quality service. The major administrative departments are:

•  Academic Administrative Department
•  Non-Academic Administrative Department
•  Finance and Account Department
•  MCQs Department
•  Information Technology (IT) Department
•  Sports / ECA / CCA Department
•  Examination Department
•  Discipline Committee
•  Guidance/Career Counseling
•  Clubs Monitoring Team
•  Transportation Department
•  Logistics and Sanitary Department
•  Security Management


Prativa Secondary School


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