“Education for Discipline and Excellence”

PRATIVA Secondary is school, an academic glory of Pokhara is synonymous to academic excellence. It has been the most sought institutional school in the region. Since its establishment in 2043 B.S., it has always been striving for quality education, and in the course of more than three decade it has carved out for itself an enviable niche at the summit of the best colleges in the country.

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From Chairperson

Since the future ultimately belongs to young generation, you need to prepare yourselves for success and achievement in your life. Today our major concern is to provide quality education to our present and future generation for the overall advancement of the quality of life and society. Proper education, training and qualification are more important today than ever before for our nation. To meet these challenges, Prativa Secondary School has endeavored the best to provide quality education since its inception.

Why Prativa

for +2 Education ?



Historical and outstanding results in the Board Exams and placement tests


Effective virtual classes through school’s own app and fully digitalized classrooms


Separate +2 Premises and buildings at Palikhe chowk, Pokhara


Managed by the new team of qualified faculty members & edupreneurs


An ISO 9001: 2008 certified +2 in Kaski


Day and morning shifts for both Science and Management

Our Core Features & Facilities

A number of facilities are provided to the students so as to facilitate them a conducive, friendly and constructive environment for learning.

Laboratory (Lab)

Prativa has set up advanced and highly technological laboratories for practical classes on Physics, Chemistry and Biology…

Hostel & Cafteria

The college has also managed hostel facilities for both boys and girls in the most congenial environment….


Prativa renders comfortable and easy transportation facilities to students from different locations of the city….


The classrooms are spacious, standard, well-ventilated and well-furnished with the updated technology.

MCQs & Preparatory Classes

PRATIVA stands as a pioneering school in Pokhara to launch MCQs classes from the very beginning of Grade XI….

Sports & ECA

Since sports help to build character and teach the importance of discipline in life, the college offers extensive sports programs….


Prativa has managed a resourceful library with attractive interiors. It facilitates access to information for knowledge, education …

Career and Counseling

The counseling department is open throughout the academic year to provide authentic counseling services from the experienced counselors….

Admission Procedure

For Grade XI intake, students who have passed SEE or equivalent examination with GPA 3.2 and 2.8 are eligible to apply for admission for Science and Management/Hotel Management respectively at Prativa. All prospective students will have to go through entrance test in the objective pattern and admission will be granted on the basis of the merit list of the test. The entrance test will be conducted for the subjects mentioned as below:


For Science Stream

English, Compulsory Mathematics + Optional Mathematics and Science


For Management & Hotel Management

English, Compulsory Mathematics + Optional Mathematics and Science


From Principal

We have taken a completely new turn for blooming up the education system by striving for excellence in every possible field and achieving it in a spectacular way. Our motto “Education for Discipline and Excellence” not only goes with rigorous scholastic programmers but also, we seek to develop and nurture the different facets of a child. A committed and supportive management, dedicated teachers, caring and co-operative parents blend harmoniously to create a child- centric school and through collaborative efforts …


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Students Voice


PRATIVA has taught me to be persistent, committed, and driven to achieving my goals, even though it supports and encourages everyone to pursue their own goals in a unique way. PRATIVA’s outstanding foundation regularly produces outstanding students, which benefits the nation as a whole.

Sima Bhattachan
(XI H Science)
District Topper, Dhaulagiri Boarding School, Mustang

Prioritizing academic success above all else, PRATIVA constantly strives for the holistic growth of its students, enlisting the assistance of highly qualified, seasoned, and committed faculty and staff as well as the community, students, and guardians. In addition to the assigned tasks, PRATIVA consistently endeavours to recognize and promptly address the issues faced by pupils. I’m happy to tell prospective applicants that this is the greatest location to get trained to succeed in all aspect of your life.

Menuka Sharma
(XI E Science),
District Girls' Topper, Shree Laxmi Sec. School, Lekhnath

I’m incredibly happy to be a student of PRATIVA +2, and I strongly recommend enrolling here to be a part of an indisputably excellent educational program. PRATIVA’s primary goal has always been to assist and guide its students. I am extremely happy with the standard of education that the students are receiving thanks to the use of modern teaching methods and the much-needed modern facilities and equipment. I therefore counsel everyone who aspires to achieve in life to choose PRATIVA for their promising future.

Bishnu Jaisi
(XI H Science)
School Topper, Deupur Namuna Sec. School, Parbat

When looking for the best +2 school for my further education after SEE, I kept thinking about the same thing. After looking at a lot of institutions, I ultimately chose to attend PRATIVA to follow my ambition. While reading, writing, and social interaction are all commonplace at this school, the real assets are the well-designed facilities and comprehensive program for successful learning. And I don’t regret my choice at all. I’ve had everything I’ve needed from PRATIVA, including a very encouraging and helpful learning environment, first-rate teaching facilities, superb learning tools, and more learning that is realistically oriented to take advantage of numerous chances.

Dipali Bhattarai
(XI D Science)
School Topper, Shanti Niketan School, Pokhara

I’ve had many of chances to discover who I am and what I can gain from my experiences. Being a part of this institution has given me several opportunities to develop both my personality and my leadership abilities. Additionally, PRATIVA supports a comprehensive approach to students’ personal and professional development.

Roshan Chhetri
(XI B Science)
School Topper, Himali Sec. School, Lamjung

PRATIVA is a place that challenges you to become the best versions of yourself, teaches you to accept the imperfect versions of yourself, teaches you to think critically and make decisions, exposes you to the realities of life in the real world through interactions with others, and teaches you what it means to be a person prepared for the future. Being a part of this extremely esteemed academic institution was both a fortunate and wise choice for me.

Unik Paudel
(XI H Science),
Motherland Sec. School, Pokhara

For me, PRATIVA +2 is a patchwork of rules, top-notch instructors, and helpful management. Aside from this, it emphasizes the actual application of learning and the interactive teaching/learning process. This has inspired the best part of me and broadened my horizons in terms of knowledge and intellect.

Laxmi Sharma
(XI H Science)
Shree Navajagrit Sec. School, Parbat

After the SEE result, I was hoping for a +2 that would live up to my expectations. To my great surprise, PRATIVA school lived up to my expectations. This institution’s capable infrastructure and dedicated faculty are its cornerstones. The well-maintained computer lab and library have made a significant contribution to my growth and capacity for study. The constant guidance from the teachers inspires me every time. Therefore, I would unquestionably suggest that you choose PRATIVA if someone were to ask.

Diksha Sunar
(XI H Science),
Shree Ganesh Sec. School, Baglung

Unlike my friends who went with pure science, I decided to study management education after passing the SEE. I discovered PRATIVA in the school jungle, where it has a history of achieving unprecedented achievements in the Board Exams. After a year of study at PRATIVA, I can now say that it is the greatest place for worthy students to follow their dreams. I’m pleased with my decision.

Pranisha Tulachan
(XI A Management)
Nepal Topper, Fishtail Academy, Pokhara

I was able to observe firsthand the caring environment and dedicated faculty that run the school. The courses that students choose will equip them for a practical career. I’ve chosen the science (Biology) group in Prativa. If you are committed and hardworking, it may be the right place for you.

Samir Subedi
(XI H Science)
Nepal Topper, Prakash Secondary School, Beni

Councils, Clubs and Alumni

The school aims at conducting youth development programs through various student clubs and societies from time to time to help the students develop their personal characteristics of self-esteem, leadership, confidence, initiative, adaptability, self-reliance, empathy, knowledge, and skills. The college fosters students to… [ Read More ]

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