Prativa Mavi has won the title of the 15th edition of the Hisan Kaski Sports Meet 2079 in Pokhara organized by the Association of Higher Education and Secondary Schools Nepal (Hisan) Kaski.

Prativa won the title for the first time by collecting 11 points in the sports meet held on 6th of January at Pokhara Stadium. Earlier, New Galaxy won the title for 5 consecutive times.

In the sports meet in which 60 schools participated in the plus two male-female and university sides, Prativa won first place in plus two basketball for female students, third for male basketball, and fourth for volleyball male students.

Hill Point University has become the first in girls’ volleyball in the plus two category. In the final match, Hill Point defeated Gurukul Mavi by 25-15 and 25-18 to become the first. Western Region won the third place by defeating Kef 25-21 and 25-22.

Spiral Galaxy has become the first in Plus Two student volleyball. According to Kiran Sapkota, the coordinator of volleyball, Spiral defeated Universe in the finals and became the first while Keef Mavi came third in the competition.

In plus two student basketball, New Galaxy has maintained its old dominance and became the first. New Galaxy defeated Manakamana with a score of 69-51. Student basketball Prativa Mavi got the third position.

On the other hand, on the female side, Prativa Mavi defeated Mary Gold Mavi in ​​the final and managed to get the first place, while Global Collegiate got the third place. On the varsity side, Lincoln finished first by defeating Lake City, while PCM finished third by defeating Peck.

While Lincoln was the first by defeating Peck in the female category, PCM managed to get the third position by defeating Informatics. In Badminton, Shashank Adhikari of Pragati became the first, Ayus Thapa of Pragati second, Saurabh Thapa of Sagarmatha and Humile Thapa third in badminton. For female students, Ayushma Nepal of Motherland stood first, Nirjhara Khadka of Everest came second, Sanika Gurung of Global and Savina Ranamar of Everest stood third.

In the students’ doubles category, Pragathi’s Shashank Adhikari and Ayush Thapa came first, Sagarmatha’s Saurabh Thapa and Shumile Thapa came second, PKG’s Siddharth Ghale and Aman Gurung and Prativa’s Pravesh Gurung and Dheeraj Vick came third.

On the female side, Nirjhara Khadka and Savina Magar from Sagarmatha came first, Urmila Century and Sarika Gurung from Kaski Modernized came second, Alisa Varuwal and Mamita Gurung from Gurukul Vidyasadan and Babina Rana and Kushmila Dura from Jyotatikunj came third.

For university student singles, Amit Bhandari of Pokhara Engineering came first, Thaman Singh Thapa of Informatics came second, Rijan Suryavanshi of Pokhara Lincoln and Nishan Thapa of PEC came third.

For female singles, Menuka Gurung of PCM came first, Liza Gurung of PEC came second, Isha Sadashankar of Infomax and Swastika Paudel of PCM came third. According to Hisan Kaski, Informatics came first, PCM second and PEC third in female doubles, while PCM, PEC and Infomax College stood first, second and third respectively for female students.

In table tennis, Sulabh KC of Step Y Step was the first, Kshitij Gurung of TOPS was second, Manish Bhujel of Prativa and Nayan Basnet of Global were third in table tennis. On the female side, Ankita Gurung of Diamond came first, Anusha Gautam of Diamond came second, Thapa and Parvati Shrestha of New Model came third.

For female doubles, Bipin Shrestha and Sonim Gurung of Global Collegiate came first, Kshitij Gurung and Mukesh Thapa of TOPS Mavi came second, Pravesh Baniyan and Milan Khadka of Srikan and Prativa’s Manish Bhujel of Suvarna Rumba came third.

In female doubles, Anusha Gautam and Ankita Gurung of Diamond stood first, Anshu Bhatt and Rhoda Tamang of Pokhara Adarsh ​​stood second, Man Kumari Thapa and Tsunami Tamang of New Galaxy and Bandana Bhujel and Amulya Ghale of Global stood third.

The winning team and players were distributed trophy medals and certificates by Dhojkumar Gurung, Vice President of Provincial Sports Council, Dr.Ramji Sharma, President of Hisan Gandaki, Ramakant Baral and others. The program was completed under the chairmanship of Yam Bahadur Rokka, president of Hisan Kaski.