Aims and Objectives

Our general objective is to create an open mind which has the freedom to think independently and discover the world that still remains unexplored and goes beyond knowledge. Upon training young students, Prativa envisions them to be leaders in works of life. We hope they will play crux role in bringing about the desire changes for betterment of the society as well in their personal career. It fosters an atmosphere of intellectual vigor and moral rectitude.

Working collaboratively with staffs, students and parents, we are planning to implement effective and instrumental strategies through an effective learning environment for academic achievement and personal growth.

We believe in our motto of “Education for Discipline and Excellence” in order to assist students for accepting more responsibility, self-discipline and self-respect with a view of contributing to the nation. We encourage students for self-expression and help them to develop an individual identity.

Our Specific Objectives are:

To foster and develop students’ academic career

 To assist young students in embarking on academic careers

 To boost students by developing skills in problem solving and critical thinking

To support creative thinking and expression

 To promote understanding of social issues influencing development of knowledge, idea, and experience

To handle these entire factors and ensure a very high degree of academic excellence.